Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Favorite Photo of Claire

I especially love that the dog is milling about...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fantastic Fishy Friday!

We decided to head to the aquarium in Boston today after seeing a news story of seals getting their teeth brushed!
I can't decide what the best part of my day was... it very well may have been Arden asking me before we left, "do you think the seals will be able to see my outfit?" Chris commented that he's fairly certain that's the first time in history anyone has ever said that.

She's so sweet.

I dare say we actually felt relaxed today! I attribute it to Walter being pretty easy going. His only real complaint all day was that he wasn't too keen on the darkness of some of the exhibits. However, it wasn't anything that we couldn't talk him through! Maybe we are finally starting a new chapter... one in which the family is no longer paralyzed by the daunting task of keeping Walter happy!

Look! I spotted a relaxed husband!

It was really hard to get good photos inside with the lighting and I didn't want to spend any time on it pretending like I knew what I was doing cause I don't! So, goodbye seals! We hope you liked Arden's outfit!

And Claire learned how to say "fish!"