Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Arden!

I apparently went completely out of my mind and offered Arden the option of having a birthday party this year. She was totally into it and was limited to inviting 7 children. It pained her to have to pick and choose amongst her friends but I was insistent. We decided to decorate candles with decorating wax, have pizza delivered and get a cheater cake from Whole Foods. This was the first time ever that I didn't cook for a party! I have to admit, it was great! The candles were a huge hit and I'm especially glad that I didn't send everyone home with a bag of crap!

After candles it was cake time! Arden gets mesmerized by the candles, it's so cute!

Her friends brought awesome gifts as you can see here. She's all excited as the boy to the left (her right) had just told her, "It's not just a tea set... it's a PAINT YOUR OWN TEA SET!" She was totally psyched!

A beautiful handmade necklace by the sweetest little girl who stood excitedly nearby (and unfortunately out of the photo.) Arden is afraid to break it and has been admiring it from her dresser. We'll have to work on that!

The day after was spent ALL OVER Scotty! Here he is getting ready to leave... Claire barely left his lap the entire time he was here. The children completely vie for his attention. It's nice having cherished friends that my children love too.

Last night Arden went to bed, her last night ever as a 6 year old!

Today I spent the morning getting her birthday table and window ready. Claire and I had dropped Walter off at school so it made all of my last minute errands a bit easier. As soon as we came home I put them to nap and then worked hard to get everything all set before Arden got home from school.

After naps Walter and Claire worked on their birthday cards with no time to spare!

The birthday girl arrives!

Checking out her birthday window...

What's that Mom?

Well it's a little girl riding a bike and reading a book with the number 7 on it of course! (Two of the biggest things Arden learned to do this year!)

More wishes...

A beautiful picture from her little brother...

And the biggest present of all! "A SIZE 2 BIKE!"

Wish for nothing but good things sweet girl! Thank you for making me a Mama! I love you so!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweater for Claire...

In September I cast on for this sweater and shortly afterwards I realized I was pregnant and ridiculously tired. It was laid aside unfinished until recently. It feels good to have it done and I can only hope that Claire actually wears it! (She runs hot.)

Pattern: Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Worsted Solids
Needles: US 6 & 7 (I was going for a toddler sized yoked sweater so upped my yarn size and needles, luckily I hit it spot on!)

Gauge swatch? I don't need no stinking gauge swatch!

My sweet 2 year old!

Yoke detail...

Button detail...