Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Eight years ago today I was married. At the time I had plans for three beautiful children... not knowing I would have them all plus one more on the way eight years later. I did not know that the future held traumatic births for my first two children. It never occurred to me that I would have a c-section or a brain injured child. I didn't know that my Mom would be found dead on the side of her driveway, or that I would grow to despise my in laws for their utter narcissism.

The truth is I didn't envision much of what married life would be like. I was a blank canvas... waiting for my life to unfold in the realm of marriage and hopefully motherhood.

Now eight years later, here I am, and while my life has had more than it's fair share of travails, I am humbled. I have experienced profound and untold joy in becoming a mother, and it is this that I am most thankful to my husband for. He has gratified me with three awe-inspiring, magnificent people to share my life with and the promise of one more to come.

(Thank you Chris. Happy Anniversary! I love you!)

As a small token of my love I knit this nifty hat for him!

(as a bonus it matches Walter's... minus the pom pom!)

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