Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Claire!

Claire finds her birthday table first thing in the morning...

Excited to find a card from her big sister...

and from big brother...

The "big" present! (A Duplo farm set... it's super hard to find gifts that aren't stuff we already have (or total junk) and are perfect for a 2 year old and this fit the bill perfectly for us!)


Her birthday window...

Arden got Claire a pink spinning skirt for dancing in and Walter chose a dress up dress that Claire promptly declared herself a "prunsess" upon trying it on. After present time Chris took all three children outside for some snow play while I got time alone to get the house ready for a small dinner party. While they were outside the mail came and brought with it a treasured baby from her cousins in Florida!

She loves this baby! Thanks so much you guys!

Luckily we managed the double nap and then it was time for friends!

Our dining room isn't that large but our table is! There were 13 of us!

Claire and Chava...

Cake and wishes time! We wish for a wonderful year ahead for our sweet little one! Happiest Birthday to Claire!

(That's a homemade vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake!)

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  1. Lynn, I wish I could be your daughter so you'd knit me beautiful things and make me cool birthday windows! What a lucky family you have!