Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walter Turns Five!

Early morning birthday table ready to go! Walter told us the night before that he wanted to be able to open his presents in the playroom instead of at the table. (He must have known he was getting something big!)

Beautiful birthday window (by Chris!)

Playroom all ready! I even found wrapping paper that said "Hoppy Birthday!"

The birthday boy comes down!

Making a wish for himself!

Claire helps him open his card...

"Space Pajamas!"

The girls are excited as he is opening the big one! Unfortunately it's just a big boring brown box...

We tell him what's inside and he is perplexed about how we got this huge box delivered to the house without him knowing!

It's a giant bounce house that *just* fits in our bonus room! He's a bit overwhelmed! (We got this because we knew it would be good for his core strength and fun!)

Off to Walter's current favorite breakfast place...

Back home with full bellies we set up the bounce house outside and have some fun!


Walter requested a "hot dog fire pit party" and here it is! We invited some close friends and had a really nice time. The weather was beautiful too!

The children bounced so much and for so long that they had to find other uses for the bounce house! Here it is some sort of ship!

Happiest 5th Birthday Walter! We are wishing more great things for you this year! (Homemade cannoli cheesecake!)

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