Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A week ago or so Arden came home from school and told us the school nurse had checked her eyes and discovered that Arden was having a hard time seeing far away. Yesterday I took her to an ophthalmologist and he found the same thing. We went to a few different shops before we wound up at Walmart (of all places!) and she found the perfect frames! She can't wait until they are ready next week. I'm still in shock she needs them.

Today was Walter's last day of nursery school and they had a little picnic. I had a nice time and actually felt relaxed. I will miss this arrangement for Walter but look forward to less running around.

Claire has been doing this thing lately that drives me somewhat batshit... she will ask me something, I'll answer and then she'll continue to ask over and over again. Example:

"Mom, what's that?"
"It's make-up Claire."
"It's make-up Mom?"
"Yes, it's make-up."
"It's make-up Mom?"
"Yes Claire, it's make-up."
"It's make-up?"

I have yet to figure out a better way to acknowledge her so that she doesn't continue to ask repeatedly. I'm guessing she's needing some more explanation and attention... perhaps craving conversation?

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  1. the repeated question thing - although totally annoying - is a common developmental thing for two-year-olds. i don't remember it with emerson, but a little boy i nannied for used to ask me the same questions over and over and it drove me nuts! they are asking again and again just to make sure the answer is the same every time. a way to hold on in a confusing world... it will pass.